Does Metal Tin Box As Recyclable As Aluminium

These days, many customers asked us whether metal tin box is as recyclable as aluminium can, and which is better for environment?

For this kind question,  we always say tin boxes are as recyclable as aluminium can, because all tins are made from tinplate is external coating,  80% of tinplated steel is recycled in Europe, and recycled aluminium containers save 95% of the energy required for primary product, Tinplated box save 70% energy. This being said, metal steel tins requires a lot less energy than aluminium to make by some considerable margin. 

But one problem is metal tin boxes are easy be rusted than aluminium cans,  even if the inside and outside of tin boxes have printed oil to protect them,  but due to punch into shaped by machine,  the printed coating will be stretched by machine and less down protection rate after formed into tin box shape and meet moisture air.

However,  metal tinplates can create as many unique shapes as possible to highlight your product,   but most aluminium products are circular or more rounded can't be as many shaped boxes.

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metal tin box can be created as many unique shape